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This one actually throws a pleasant surprise. Typically when it comes to independent films one can’t really be sure of the kind of music that they would offer. However in case of <em>Bombairiya</em> there is some effort that has actually been put into creating some pleasant music. Arko is brought on board along with guest composers Amjad-Nadeem and the results are satisfactory.

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Arko plays the triple role of composer, lyricist and singer for <strong><em>’Sanki’,</em></strong> a Punjabi-Hindi number that is just the kind that on expects from a Punjabi hip-hop album. With a catchy tune to it, <em>’Sanki’ </em>turns out to be instantly catchy and makes one look forward to how it is placed in the film. Producer Michael E Ward chips in too with lyrics for this fun number that has a hook playing right through which makes one nod in appreciation.

Next to arrive is <strong><em>’Bairiya'</em></strong>, the word which also forms the base for the film’s title <em>Bombairiya.</em> The song arrives in two versions, one which is a Navraj Hans solo and another that has Akriti Kakar joining as well. A sufi outing which has a melodic base to it, <em>’Bairiya</em>’ is composed as well as written quite well by Arko. As a matter of fact one could well have expected a song like to feature in an Akshay Kumar film since the superstar is known for including such music for a soothing love song situation. This one deserves to cover good distance in both the versions.

Amjad-Nadeem chip in for <strong><em>’Sajde Karoon'</em></strong>. They write as well as compose this number which is spearheaded by Yasser Desai with Warsi brothers (Meraj Warsi, Riyaz Warsi, Faraz Warsi) adding on well in the background. A ‘qawalli’ that manages to establish an identity of its own and adds on to the genre that it belongs to; <em>’Sajde Karoon'</em> could well be utilized for a devotional as well as romantic outing. This one makes it three out of three for <em>Bombairiya</em>.


Music of <em>Bombairiya</em> is good and it would have covered some distance had it been promoted well. One just hopes that the soundtrack doesn’t go unnoticed due to lack of awareness.

<strong> OUR PICK(S)</strong>

Sanki, Bairiya, Sajde Karoon



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