Superstar Film Review


Superstar Film Review

Get ready for Superstar, a Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf starrer. Reuniting Mahira Khan with her Bin Roye producer Momina Duraid, the highly anticipated film has Mahira paired with Pakistan’s heartthrob Biall Ashraf. The film is directed by award-winning TV drama director Ehtishamuddin, while its screenplay and music are by Azaan Sami Khan.

The story revolves around Noori (Mahira Khan), who works in a theatre run by her uncle Agha Jan (Nadeem Baig) as it occasionally appeared in the trailers. Agha Jan runs a theatre in Lahore’s old city area, he himself is a famous director in his yester years, who is content with running a theatre.On the other hand Sameer (Bilal Ashraf) is a film industry’s superstar, a son of big businessman Zulfiqar Khan (Javed Sheikh) and Laila Khan (Marina Khan), who was a famous actress of her time. Sameer’s father wants him to leave the film industry and help him run the family business, making the relation between father and son complicated.

Noori and Sameer met on a commercial set and soon develop some sort of mutual liking for each other, one day Sameer went to watch her theatrical performance with his director friend Shaan (Ali Kazmi). After watching her power packed performance Shaan decides to cast Noori in his upcoming movie with Sameer.

From here the story takes a sharp turn and suddenly Sameer’s selfishness pushes him across the border and that completely changes everything for Noori and of course Shaan.

Performance wise Mahira Khan as Noori dazzles, electrifies, stuns, mesmerises us in a film that has her character display a variety of emotions. She is the consummate numero uno actress of Pakistan. We get to see her in lovely get ups, fabulous songs and her chemistry with Bilal is scorching. She has gone beyond expectations in this beautiful film.Bilal Ashraf as Sameer is brilliant opposite the stunning Mahira Khan. He deivers a pitch perfect performance and has come leaps and bounds in this film..

Nadeem Baig as Agha Jaan inspires throughout the film,and demonstrates why he is still is a legend who shows us all why we fell in love with him in the first place. Ali Kazmi as Shaan is outstanding every time he is in the film.Once again he clearly shows that he is in a league of his own.Javed Sheikh as Sameer’s father and Marina Khan as Sameer’s mother have very limited screen time, but both do well. Superstar also boasts a host of special appearances by Hania Amir, Saira Shehroz, Osman Khalid Butt and Mani as well as a special dance number by Kubra Khan.All give fabulous support to the leads.

Director Mohammed Ehteshamuddin gives us a thrilling, freash, emotion packed beautiful; film that has lavish sets, great cinematography and excellent performances. The bar with this film has been raised for the rest to follow. Superstar’ is the story of two characters from different worlds as they journey to find the true meaning of the word ‘Superstar’. Together we learn the price of success and that sometimes to shine, you need the darkness.

The outstanding music and screen play of Superstar is none other than Azaan Sami Khan. Azaan gives us fabulous melodious songs. Tracks like ‘Bekaraan’ and ‘In Dinon’ makes a person feel loved while ‘Dharak Bharak’ and forces you to wear your dancing shoes.As well as ‘Doston’ that takes us inside the world of the legendary Nadeem Baig, who lip syncs the song and shares some dance moves with the film’s lead Bilal Ashraf. It is all about celebrating love and friendship. To the cool song’ Noori’ that is powerful, Noori is magnetic and she is out there to prove her mettle with the electrifying performance. Noori as a track boasts a perfect set up, paving way for the film’s lead in her quest to become the glam queen. We get a beautiful sound trach that moves the story forward.

Put everything down and go and celebrate Eid with this winner. Mahira and Bilal shine in a film that will make you all fall in love again!


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