War Film Review


War Film Review

The much-awaited action film of the year with Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, both are sharing screen space for the first time War is touted to be the biggest action entertainer of 2019. When you bring two of the biggest and the best action superstars of India in one film and pit them against each other. Hrithik and Tiger will be seen going at each other ferociously and mercilessly and audiences want to see who outwits whom in this incredible fight.

Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) and Khalid (Tiger Shroff) are mentor and mentee in an Indian intelligence agency .The film opens with Kabir going rogue He’s the star boy of the agency but has wavered and is on a killing spree, targeting important members of the agency and the Indian military. Khalid, who has always looked up to Kabir as a mentor, has been tasked with finding Kabir and arresting him, before he goes too far.

Performance wise HrithikRoshan transforms into a mean war machine and he makes you wonder, is there anything he can’t do? He’s the life and soul of the movie. There’s no denying the fact that he plays the perfect Bollywood hero in this film, who can dance effortlessly, fight in style and charm the audiences. Tiger Shroff holds his own in this film especially when facing-off with Hrithik. Vaani Kapoor sizzles and smoulders as the love interest of Hrthik Roshan in her very brief role.The supporting cast of Ashutosh Rana and rest are passable.

Direction wise SiddharthAnand’s has given his best effort so far. The action sequences and the stunts do some justice to the genre & the Indian audiences are bound to gasp with disbelief. We do get action sequences that are jaw-dropping from having an aerial shot thousands of feet above ground to having guns blazing all around. The director should have paid attention to the screenplay which is not strong and some of the action is not done realistically.

The sound track of War is composed by Vishal-Shekhar. We have two songs, the first is Ghungroo .Featuring Hrithik and Vaani, Ghungroo opens with a shot of the gorgeous actress flaunting her perfectly lean body in a swimsuit with the backdrop of a picturesque location. Hrithik can be seen in a breezy floral shirt and the two look absolutely delightful on screen. Second one is Jai jai Shiv Shankar, t Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff dance together in the song .In the colourful song, the lead actors shine like never before. The chemistry between Hrithik and Tiger in the song will blow your mind for sure.

War is a high octane thrill ride that reminds action fans of classic Hollywood action films that are all far superior to this limp effort. The film tries to be a visual spectacle for quintessential action cinema lovers as they witness Hrithik and Tiger pull off jaw-dropping sequences as they try to beat each other. Yn the end War is just an average action film that is let down by a very poor screenplay that has the Muslims as the enemy again and again witk the character of Khalid we get the trope of the good Muslim trying to prove he is a patriot.
Only go and watch for Hrthik and some good action scenes, the film could have been miles better.


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