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KILL Film Review

KILL Film Review

In the high-action thriller, KILL, a routine train journey to New Delhi transforms into a deadly battleground. Army commando Amrit played by Lakshya, upon discovering that his beloved Tulika played by Tanya Maniktala is being forced into an unwanted engagement, embarks on a daring mission aboard the New Delhi-bound train to thwart the arranged marriage. However, the journey takes a sudden turn when a gang of knife-wielding bandits, led by the ruthless Fani played by Raghav Juyal, begins terrorizing the passengers. Determined to protect the innocent, Amrit launches a relentless counterattack, turning the commute into a heart-pounding spectacle of courage and combat. What should have been a typical commute, turned into an adrenaline-fuelled thrill ride.

Performance wise newcomer Lakshya has a stunning screen presence and is fabulous in the bone crunching action scenes. Maniktala is pretty, witty, and resilient as the heroine. Fani (Raghav Juyal), meanwhile, is a chauvinistic baddie with a good sense of humour. The supporting cast of Adrija Sinha, Abhishek Chauhan et al are fine. The film is about a train, two commandos and 40 thieves, it is a breathtaking cinematic achievement visually. It combines heart-pounding action, with combat at close quarters. deaths happen in gruesome and extreme ways.

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