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The Archies Film Review

The Archies Film Review

The new Archies film marks the debut of star kids Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, Khushi Kapoor and more. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan plays the role of Veronica Lodge, Amitabh Bachchan’s grandson Agastya Nanda plays Archie Andrews, Vendang Raina plays Reggie Mantle, Khushi Kapoor plays Betty Cooper, Mihir Ahuja plays Jughead, Aditi Dot plays Ethel Muggs and Yuvraj Menda plays Dilton Doiley. Can the Netflix, Tiger Baby and Graphic India achieve the adaptation be as wholesome as the original comic was?

Set in 1960’s India in the fictional hill station town called Riverdale, The Archies is a coming-of-age musical following the lives of the town’s favourite set of teenagers – Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Ethel and Dilton. Seen through the lens of the unique Anglo-Indian community, The Archies explores friendship, freedom, love, heartbreak and rebellion.

Performance wise we get the best from Agastya Nanda who has a strong screen presence. Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan grandson’s performance proves that he has a bright future ahead. He is handsome, witty, and shares great chemistry with both the female leads. and is a born natural in the stand out song and dance numbers.  Khushi Kapoor’s performance is a perfect mix of mother Sridevi and sister Janhvi Kapoor. Suhana Khan does total justice to her role. We also get fabulous performances from the supporting cast pf Vedang Raina who brings the laughs as the jokester of the gang, Reggie Mantle, while Mihir Ahuja satisfies the palate as the foodie Jughead Jones. Dot brings eccentricity to the mix as Ethel Muggs and Yuvraj Menda assumes the role of the brainy Dilton Doiley.

Direction wise Zoya Akhtar brings her directorial A game to the film. The musical comedy film is effortlessly takes the audience back in time to the 1960s era. It is an out-an-out, full-on entertaining film but has many emotional scenes. It will make you laugh and leave you moved at the same time. Stand up Zoya Akhtar for successfully with the release of The Archies, catapults the promising young talents as well as doing an excellent job of bringing the beloved Archie comics to life, the movie unfolds in the fictional town of Riverdale, capturing the essence of the iconic characters against the backdrop of the 1960s. While the setting is in India, the film pledges to preserve the timeless fun and charm that fans worldwide associate with the classic Archie universe. The director’s talent lies not only in weaving engaging narratives but also in curating a visual spectacle for the audience, blending picturesque locations, skillful performances, and captivating storytelling into an experience that lingers in the minds of viewers.

The film boasts a rejuvenating music album, offering a diverse range of tracks that cater to varied tastes and reminds you of Grease. It also transports the viewers to the vibrant era of ’60s rock and roll, the film has a splendid soundtrack. Composers Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Ankur Tiwari, The Islanders, and Aditi Saigal (DOT) deliver some soulful ballads and foot-tapping numbers. The songs are also well-choreographed by Ganesh Hegde. The song Va Va Voom particularly makes you want to break into a jig. We also have the film immersing its cast in the allure of vintage costumes and looks. Adding a playful and nostalgic touch, the actors are also spotted roller skating in the movie. This attention to period-specific details is a visually enchanting and immersive aspect of the film.

At its core, the film weaves a fabulous narrative around a close-knit group of friends, delving into the timeless themes of friendship, romance, heartbreak, and love. The film has Archie finding himself in the midst of a love triangle with Betty and Veronica, adding an extra layer of drama to the storyline. When faced with the imminent threat of developers encroaching on their cherished park, the group unites, setting aside their differences to rebel against the impending change.

While embodying the quintessential elements of a teen comedy musical, the film goes beyond mere entertainment by delivering a poignant message on environmental consciousness. The Archies definitely entertains the audience thoroughly with fine performances, excellent musical numbers and will take audiences on a roller coaster ride of emotions with zest.

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